Salon Management Software: 7 Things To Look For

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Date : 11 February, 2020

Keeping track of scheduling, inventory, and payments while growing business might seem a bit daunting and may result in feeling a bit underwater.

This is why salon management software exists!

They help with customer engagement, staff management, marketing, and everything above. However, there are a ton of salon management software in the market but don’t you worry, this article will go in a deep dive on what are necessities to look for that will help you in making your decision before buying software that fits your needs.

Let’s get right into it!

Benefits of Having a Software

A salon management software is a back end software that minimizes daily stress such as booking, employee scheduling, client management, billing, etc. It provides help so you can focus on other important functions in your salon such as growing your business.

What to Look For When Buying a Salon Software

There are numerous salon management software out in the market, and they all have distinct features and price points. The keys things to look for are:

  • Customer Marketing Acquisition
  • Point-of-sale and Retail Services
  • Boosting Revenue
  • Retention Marketing Tools
  • Membership Features
  • Usability
  • Features for Expansion

Customer Marketing Acquisition

New customers and maintaining customers is essential in your success as a salon and you would want to have every tool to help achieve this. Things to look out for are:

Having multichannel booking capacities

It’s great to have a great online presence in multiple websites, so having the volume for potential customers to book an appointment with you in these websites is a great feature to have

Online booking for customers

Online booking allows your customers to book a time with you on the spot, which is important.

A network of active customers

You would want a software that connects you to a thousand new customers that are ready to for our services.

Integration with automated marketing software

Having synced calendars, customer’s history, and business’s contacts helps in providing real-time information to predict busy or slow days to better plan your days

Point-of-sale and Retail Services

Making sure all transactions are secured and easy to use is vital in your salon management software. Privacy and security are important, so making sure it complies with Level 1 PCI standards is essential.

In addition, having a salon management software that accepts all forms of payment will be an added bonus to customer experience and allows you to ease your mind in making a sale everywhere in your salon.

Boosting Revenue

Having a stable streamline of revenue is needed to be able to engage in continuous customer flow. Having a business management software that features:

Customize business app

With an app for your business, you can do tasks quickly since it is accessible on your phone. You can check appointments in your calendar and track sales.

Comprehensive reports

They give you the insight to help your business grow like customer behavior, seasonal changes, finances, and revenue trends.

Branded Mobile App

A custom app lets your customers quickly access the service menu at your salon or spa and book appointments

Retention Marketing Tools

Being able to find a salon business management tool that also gives an outstanding experience to your customers is a game-changer. Retention marketing tools are all about sending automated appointment reminders to customers and giving the best experience to them.

In addition, it is able to give anniversary and birthday messages to customers which allows customers to be part of a bigger community in their salon of choice. It adds a more personal touch. A referral program information is also added so customers are able to refer your business with added bonus.

Membership features

Membership features include having customers book regular appointments with ease. Having this feature allows you to have a constant stream of revenue, but also helps with building relationships with current customers.

This can mean making sure members of the software can have easy access to their information since their first appointment and have access to their menu


Functionality and being user-friendly is very significant when finding a salon management software.

With a bustling new salon with an abundance of action, finding a software platform that is easy to use for staff and customers can be a make it or break it to your business. You want a platform that is easy to pick up and learn for anyone that might be a new or a veteran to salon business softwares.

That includes secured point-of-sale transactions, easy payment processing features, and great membership options that are tailored to all of your customers to return.

Being able to find a platform that is clear to navigate will be very helpful in operating your salon. It will benefit your day-to-day actions and movement.

Features for Expansion

Thinking about future business progression and trajectory is always important. You would want a software that grows with you as you grow, and be able to handle the capacity of your business.

How ChakraEdge can help

ChakraEdge is a salon management software that is easy to use and includes everything else listed above. With multiple functionalities to include secured payments, social media platforms, booking from all online platforms with great customer service and reliable network, it is your software that is holistically for you, for your business, wellbeing, and everything beyond.

You can find more about ChakraEdge here.


With a wide variety of options in the market, being informed on what each software can do is important. Hopefully, this helps you make a better decision in choosing what software works better for your business and you.