6 Top Cosmetology Schools in the U.S.

Posted by : Ria Jain
Date : 6 August, 2020

Considering a career in cosmetology?

There are a lot of programs all over the country to help you get started no matter where you are in your career. But with the number of schools all around the world, there are a ton of not-so-great programs, and a few we know are highly acclaimed. These schools are known to produce celeb stylists and make up artists, and if you’re shooting for the stars, we suggest you start at one of these schools. 

When choosing a cosmetology program, it’s important to understand your goals and what you want to get out of the program before dropping your life spendings on the best school out there. Taking in account your schedule, cost, financial aid, and accredited certifications, there can be a lot to think about. 

If you’re serious about getting a certification from a great school, note that it’s going to be a lot of work and determination. Along with this, we advise doing a ton of research in understanding if you will be working with real clients, and potential career endeavours post-program. 

There are many local options to choose from as well as community colleges, but to learn from the best and the most reputable definitely establishes credibility amongst your potential clients. Ask around your local salons for advice on where the best schools are to learn from locally, or contact your favorite stylists via social media to know if they went to school and where they went.

Before deciding, consider a tour to access the vibe and see if you’ll be a potential fit. 

1. Aveda Institutes

Aveda is probably the most popular and heard of cosmetology school with plenty of locations all around the U.S. Aveda is known for its natural beauty products and focuses on the holistic medicine practice of Ayurveda, concentrating on more natural and organic ingredients in their products. With 60 locations throughout America, as well as Canada and Australia, Aveda offers support with flexible scheduling, financial aid, and job placement opportunities. Each location however does have a different program, so when applying to your location of choice, dive deep into that campus’ curriculum before deciding. Aveda covers cosmetology, esthetician services, makeup, massage therapy, and even business courses. The best part includes learning from top performers in the field, and options to further your education with advanced programs.

2. Paul Mitchell Schools

Paul Mitchell Schools continues to be an incredibly well reputable name throughout the world. Offering courses in cosmetology, barbering, skin and nail, etc. this brand is involved in numerous trade shows, and offers opportunities for networking and career growth in the beauty world. The name is universally recognized, and you are likely to be offered employment with training from the founders of the John Paul Mitchell Systems. There are over 100 locations throughout the U.S, and was known to be one of the first cosmetology companies to stand up publicly against animal testing. 

3. Empire Beauty School 

Empire Beauty School is known to have their graduates go on to do celebrity work, open their own salons, and find work anywhere and everywhere. Their programs include cosmetology, esthetics, and makeup artist training. Empire first opened their doors in 1934 and has close to 109 locations throughout the U.S. Students can be rest assured that they will be receiving top-notch training from professionals with years of experience. 

4. The Sassoon Academy (Santa Monica, CA)

For education from the most fashion-forward in the industry with cutting-edge styles and precision haircuts, Sassoon Academy embraces bold and fashion-forward thinking they look for in their students. With no experience needed to apply, Sassoon offers a great beginner program that covers over 1600 hours of coursework and hands-on training. Short term classes are also available for those seeking brush up training or wanting to dive deep into a different skill. Sassoon Academy is a great option for locals to southern California and looking to build their network in the Hollywood Industry. 

5. Pivot Point Academy Beauty School (Chicago, IL)

The well renowned late Leo Passage founded the Pivot Point Academy Beauty School in his career as a stylist and cosmetology educator with hundreds of awards under his name. With his son now running the program, there are 6 subject modules to the program including: Cosmetology Fundamentals, Sculpture, Hair Design, Color, Texture, and Salon Success/Meta. Available in more than 2,000 institutions, 70 countries, and 50 languages, Pivot Point has become the most taught international beauty school curriculum. 

6. The Hair Design Institute (Boynton Beach, FL)

Also known as Brittany Beauty Academy, the two locations of the Hair Design Institute are in Florida and New York. The cosmetology subjects range from scalp treatment, chemistry, and salon management. Known to be a part of the Next Generation of Beauty Education network of schools, the school is meant for busy professionals looking to expand their skill set and work with their changing and not-so-flexible schedules. Upon completion of the program, the Hair Design Institute actively helps their graduates look for employment and professional placement in the field.