10 Reasons You Are Missing Out if You Aren’t Using a Salon Management Software

Posted by : Ria Jain
Date : 17 June, 2020

The salon industry can be highly competitive. We all know how overwhelming it can be managing the salon business and keeping track of appointments. It can also be difficult catering to all your clients since they all might have different specifications.

Each salon can have multiple stylists and each stylist has multiple clients and it can be hard to keep track of everything, especially if you are a new salon or stylist. This is where a salon management software comes to the rescue.  It helps you streamline all business activities into one platform leaving you more time to focus on your work and passion. Let’s face it — no one is passionate about managing expenses and client appointments. It even helps to save you time and money by taking care of mundane daily tasks.

Here are the top 10 ways a salon software can help:

1) Payment Management: 

Your customers pay you — and you need to have a way to track this. This means you need to be able to track gross revenue as well as costs and net revenue. A salon management software can help you do that, especially if you are a small business. Most salon management softwares also have a payment processing part in them which means that they can help you take payments from any major credit card company. Most have a POS (Point of Sale) integration as well which means that you can also sell products in your salon.

2) Appointment Booking and Scheduling: 

You’re busy and you have a lot of appointments throughout the week. A software with a nice calendar functionality will make it easy for you to keep track of them. They also help with sending reminder emails as well as tracking all cancellations for you. You don’t have to do any of the scheduling yourself and you can just get a high-level glance of your appointments along with the services your clients want.

3) Social Media Marketing Integration: 

There are some salon softwares out there that help you manage your social media accounts. This includes you scheduling your posts straight from the software and managing your notifications. This allows you to focus on building your Instagram or Facebook portfolio — all from one platform. You can manage your followers and even engage with your clients with promotions for following you on Instagram.

4) Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a very valuable marketing tool. Its biggest advantage is that it helps with customer retention. One of the greatest features of salon management softwares are the retention marketing tools they provide.  These can be real game-changers because you can instantly notify your followers about promotions. They also have advanced email scheduling features. This way you can send regular automated reminders and even send anniversary and birthday messages. This helps customers feel that they are part of the community and family your salon provides.

5) Staff management:

A salon management software also has the functionality to help you keep track of your staff. You can manage payments to your staff all from the interface. If you’d like you can set up time tracking such as clocking in and clocking out for your staff as well. Another feature is that you can also assign appointments to your staff in this interface. Many softwares also allow you to manage staff payroll from the software.

6) Advanced Analytics: 

All softwares have some sort of analytics that you can keep track of to help your business grow or at least manage the overall health of your business. They can give you customer and business insights like revenue trends, customer behavior, and other trends that you may not have insight into before you integrated your business with a software. The idea is that all your business management is done from the software and you can run your business on an autopilot mode.

7) Inventory: 

Regular inventory management can be a pain. But with a software, you can keep track of inventory and supplies in your salon. Most businesses need to hire a person to help track inventory but if your software can keep track of it, you will have better insights into how many products you go through. You can also manage supplier relationships through the software as it reorders products when you are running low.

8) Manage Multiple Branches:

If you are a big business, chances are that you have multiple branches of your business. Each has its own staff, services, and clients. These can be hard to take care of when you have multiple branches that you have to manage. Softwares allow you to set up multiple branches so that you can keep each of them separate. They also allow you the option to toggle in between branches so you can look at both branches. Incase this a feature you need, make sure that the software you are looking for covers that. It’s possible that there may be an extra charge for this in certain softwares.

9) Membership Features:

Salon Softwares have membership features that let customers have their own accounts. This can help your recurring customers to book appointments with you with ease and have features that remind them of their appointments. This way they will also have access to their appointment and payment history. This is not only hassle-free for you and your client, but also helps you have a direct stream of revenue and enables you to build relations with your customers.

10) Perfect for Independent Hair Stylists:

A salon management software is not just for salons, it’s for independent hair stylists too. All the above-mentioned features benefit you too. A software will integrate to help you manage your social media, services, appointments, analytics, and calendar! Certain softwares also have a discounted price if you are an independent contractor.


Our software, ChakraEdge, has all the features mentioned above. ChakraEdge is an all in one management software which assists salon owners and stylists to schedule appointments, track appointments, manage payments & payroll, and create a strong personal brand using our all equipped marketing module. We are offering free trials to all new clients, and if you are someone who is just breaking into this industry, we have a free version of the software just for you.

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