10 Salon Decorating And Furnishing Ideas When You’re On A Budget (Or Not)

Posted by : Ria Jain
Date : 28 June, 2020

First impressions matter and in your salon’s case can determine whether a potential customer chooses your salon or the one a few blocks away. Your salon’s interior or overall look is the basis of your brand. Actually it is your brand and the way you present it is one of the foremost ways of advertising to your future clients. Your salon’s ambiance can make people feel special and cared for, which is basically what the beauty industry is all about. This way your customers will not only be blown away by your amazing service, but also rave about the amazing setting they spent a few hours in.

An eye-catching salon interior will not just please those inside but can also catch the attention of passers-bys who would want to check out your salon. However, we understand that designing and furnishing your salon can be a painstaking process with determining the layout, making the most of your space, getting your salon’s vibe right all the while sticking to a schedule, and not to mention a budget. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you have a plan in place with a guideline to let you know how to go about it, you can easily go through with this process. Which is where we come in. Continue reading for 10 fun and valuable salon furnishing and salon decorating ideas while you’re on that cash crunch.


1) Create a mood board:

If you’ve ever tried designing your dream bedroom as a kid, you know the journey starts with a mood board. Get magazine cutouts and gluestick ready if you’re old school or pour over Pinterest for your inspiration. You might get overwhelmed in the beginning but its all worth it. You will see a clear picture emerging soon enough. Spend a couple of days over this, and refine your list as you go. You will have an idea of what you want to create and how you want your salon to look like in no time.


2) What’s your salon theme?:

This is one of the most important things to decide on. What does your salon stand for? Your salon interior is what will make an impression on your customers when they first walk in. You want your interior to speak for itself. It should reflect you and what your salon stands for. Do you imagine your salon giving a more traditional feel or a more modern one? Is it sleek and has more clear cut lines and an upmarket feel to it or does it have more dramatic and bold furniture? Do you want it to feel more spacious or do you want to accessorize it more with beautiful pieces here and there, each telling its own story?

3) Pick a color:

Now that you have your mood board and have a faint idea about the vibe you want your salon to exude, it’s time to pick your color scheme. Your colors define your aesthetic. It’s great if you already have one and have been marketing your salon using it since you birthed the idea, but if you don’t then you need to get down to it. It helps people associate your ‘brand’ with some definite colors and is one of the basics of building a brand. Once you have this set you can design everything else in your salon according to it.


4) Get the Greens:

A great way to decorate your salon that’s not just cheap but also adds vibrancy and freshness to your salon. You can look for a bunch of cute succulents to add here and there to your salon or invest in a large plant and statement vase to add to your waiting lounge. You can easily get a really pretty big vase depending on your budget from sites such as Home Depot and Wayfair. Here are some beautiful and inexpensive vases from Ballard Designs.

5) Make your waiting room stand out:

Your waiting room is probably the first thing someone sees from outside your salon and it’s one of the first impressions a potential customer has of your salon while waiting for their appointment. So obviously, it has to be appealing and eye-catching. One of the first things you can invest in is a good set of armchairs. You can easily buy one for under $150 in your brand colors and have it match your aesthetic. Another way that you can make that area more fresh and bright and welcoming is by adding some wall decals or murals. You can easily find some inexpensive options on Etsy or your local home decor store and can find a bunch of salon wall decor ideas on Pinterest. Here are some examples of amazing accent chairs from Wayfair.

And here are some wall mural ideas from Etsy.

6) Design your reception area:

Your reception area is as important as your seating area for first and last impressions. It should not be too big or too small. It should be of an optimal size depending on the space available to you: not too small and unnoticeable, but not too big that it overpowers your salon’s entrance. Remember to separate your retail area and not put it behind your reception desk as your receptionist and the desk will act as a barrier for customers who want to browse items, which might deter them from purchasing said items. Place your retail area in a well lit and reachable space that is inviting to customers.

7) Salon work stations:

For your main workstations, you should do the math to see how many of them can fit in your designated area. It is obvious that the more workstations you have the better, but you must remember to not overcrowd the floor. Here are a few ideas for workstations from Salon Smart that look great and aren’t too taxing on your pocket.

8) Wash Area:

Separate your wash area from the rest of the salon with a partition so that your clients can have a peaceful time. Make sure there is no overcrowding and that there is enough space for storage units for clean towels and a rack for dirty ones. Here are some more ideas for shampoo work units from Salon Smart and AGS Salon Equipment respectively.


9) Spa Area:

Ensure that your spa area is tranquil so that your customers can unwind. Provide enough space for both clients and your employees, and space for sinks, storage, furniture, and space for equipment.

10) Additional tips for buying the salon furniture:

Always check for delivery and service options as well as guarantees from your supplier. Try to do more research on brands and suppliers before you buy your equipment. Whether you choose to buy your equipment online or by physically visiting a showroom or trade show depends entirely on you and your budget and convenience. If you have the time there is no harm in going and checking out equipment but how and where you buy it from is entirely up to you.


We hope we made this process a little bit easier for you with these tips that our team compiled and we wish you the best with your furnishing adventure. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog here!