These 5 Tips Will Help You Hire A New Hairstylist for Your Salon In No Time

Posted by : Ria Jain
Date : 4 April, 2020

The beauty industry is ever-changing and revolutionizing — that’s why we love it so much, right? But with that flexibility comes the need to make sure you have the best stylists working for you or have the right talent at your salon at all times. You also want to make sure you are offering the best hair stylist jobs at your salon. 

It’s never too late to hire new hair professionals in the hair industry.  The hair industry is always looking for people with fresh talent — no matter how much experience they have. 

However, when you are looking for new people to hire for your salon, make sure you put a lot of effort into this to ensure that you attract a good group of potential employees. 

How often should you look for new hairstylists?

While there is no magic number or method, you should make sure you have enough people working for you to support your salon during busy seasons such as the holidays or summer time.

Make sure you are planning ahead and take staffing into account.

Some stylists may leave your salon to start their own business, and that is something you should take into consideration as well. It can be awkward sometimes, but make sure you maintain open and honest communication with your employees to ensure you can hire new people when needed. 


The best advice is to plan in advance. It’s better to have more hairstylists than none! Also, it will take people some time to ramp up and learn about your operations when they are just getting started at your salon. So make sure you keep that in mind. Another thing to pay attention to is taking budgeting into account so you know exactly how much this will cost you month over month. 

Whether it be independent contractors or full-time stylists, if you use these 5 tips, you will find the best match for your salon.

We know it can be hard to find the perfect person to fill the job at the salon and you want to be sure you find someone who will last for a long time — and serve your clients as well as you do! In the rest of the article, we will cover tips and tricks to make sure you are posting and filling the best hairstylist jobs for your salon. 

Tip # 1 – Check out Cosmetology Schools 

Turn to cosmetology schools for fresh graduates.

These people are just graduating from school and also have the freshest set of skills which should definitely complement your salon.

A young presence is always good to keep your salon up to date and going with the trends as well and recent graduates are the best way to reach this goal. The young energy can even help you diversify your client base if that’s something you’re interested in.

Most areas have cosmetology schools and websites you should check out. 


Tip # 2 – Advertise and Post on your Social Media Accounts

The more platforms the better, as this will increase your visibility.

This will allow you to proactively reach out to people who follow you and care about your business. Make your advertisements/posts interesting so that people are interested in working creatively with you. 

Everyone in the beauty industry knows the advantages of advertising their work on social media these days and so it is one of the best places to even scout new talent yourself.  You can try to look for stylists on your own and their social media posts will help you get a good look at their work. Don’t be shy to start the conversation on social media.


Tip #3 – Scour Linkedin + Personal Network 

With its multitude of professional communities for almost every profession imaginable, reaching out to people on LinkedIn will be easy and effective.

If you post on your personal profile, you can widely reach a lot of people in the industry you are targeting. You can find people to message on Linkedin as well. Take advantage of this — use your network of people, spread the word and talk! 

Tip #4 – Leverage Job Listing Boards 

Regardless of the skills or seniority of the job you are looking for, post on job listing websites like Glassdoor, Linkedin, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, etc.

These are great websites that have a far reach so you can meet diverse candidates. If you decide to use these sites, be sure to list your requirements very specifically. List your professional requirements clearly, for example, a balayage specialist, etc unless you’re open to any. List the specific skills you would for the person to have as well as the seniority level or the years of experience they should have. 

Tip #5 – Hire People That Match your Salon Environment 

When it comes to hiring, you will always hear people say that a culture fit is very important. For this reason, please be very careful and look for people that you know will match your environment and standards.

This should be taken into consideration during the interview portion itself — look at their portfolio and ensure that it fits.

Hire only those people that match your brand and believe in what your salon stands for creatively and even work ethic-wise. In addition, you must always list out all your salon policies transparently while hiring. This will save you hassle in the long run and will ensure you find employees that complement your organization. Please plan long term and make sure you find people that have the same commitment to your customers that you are looking for. 



Finding the right hairstylist for the job position can be a very intimidating task. You might be nervous to ensure you find the right person. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard! Follow the tips above and make sure you are using all your social media and professional networks to find the right talent.

Again above all else, make sure you are honest and transparent while hiring, planning for the long term, and are open-minded!

Good luck and let us know how it goes.